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Image by Jason Dent
Connor Rousseau

Who Is Connor Rousseau?

Filmmaker Connor Rousseau graduated with a BFA in Filmmaking from Champlain College. Through his early career, Rousseau  spent his school years working in various fields. He traveled to Queens to shoot a music video SHACKLES with a close friend of his. He also worked with Champlain College as an editor and cinematographer on a documentary about the oppression of journalists in The Gambia. This documentary, The Gambia: Media Freedom After Years of State Sanctioned War, went to multiple festivals and was placed in the Block Island Film Festival and YoungFilmmakers Festival in NYC.  From this experience, Rousseau sought out more opportunities to open his mind to the possibilities of how life functions. He spent 4 months in Dublin, Ireland with a group of community artists who taught the art of Brazilian Samba Drumming to locals, as well as children in low-income, destitute schools. From this he made the documentary, A Young Heart Sings to the Beat of a Drum, which is public on the Masamba Samba School’s youtube page.  

Now Connor works as a Freelance Filmmaker, helping make the visions of others become a reality. He provides services including Color grading, Editing, Cinematography, and  Directing. If you are in need of a good grip, you have a handy worker as well!

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